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About Plan Events and Go Together

mapNdrive is a mobile app that makes it easy for you to create a route, share with friends and go places together.

Events Private/Public

A secret code helps keep details of your event and route private from uninvited guests.


Features Everything you need to navigate together

  1. Emergency Instantly send a one-touch alert to let others know you need help in case of an emergency.
  2. Rejoin Rejoin the route if you fall off the path, so you would never get lost or stranded alone.
  3. One-Touch Alert Send hazard and police alerts with just one-tap
  4. Talk & Chat Talk and chat with built-in messaging and voice communication.
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Testimonials Customer Reviews

  • PlaceholderBrad Kent Motorsports Instructor I participate in group adventure drives/rides with cars, motorcycles, and this app has made my life easier.
  • PlaceholderSharon McCarthy School Teacher We have been using this app for our school field trips and has played a vital role in keeping us safe together during school competition and field trips.
  • PlaceholderJohn Smith Event Planner This is the absolute BEST navigation app for group travel.
  • PlaceholderMegan Wolfe Parent We have been looking for an app to use during our big family vacations and mapNdrive is the perfect navigation app for our needs.

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